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Dental Assistants

Dental assistants greatly increase the efficiency of the dentist in the delivery of quality oral health care and are valuable members of the dental care team. The dental assistant performs many tasks requiring both interpersonal and technical skills.


Responsibilities may include assisting the dentist during a variety of treatment procedures, this may include taking and developing dental x-rays and also asking the patient’s medical history and taking blood pressure and pulse. They also help to prepare sterilizing instruments and equipment.

At Deckham Dental Practice, we are proud of our lovely team of Dental Assistants who try to help our patients feel relaxed and comfortable before and after any dental treatments they may receive.

Our team of trained and qualified dental assistants can help to provide patients with information on oral care following surgery or other dental treatment procedures, such as the placement of a restoration (filling) They also help to assist the dentist in all dental treatments including Orthodontics, Periodontics and Oral surgery and Sedation. Dental assistants also work alongside Hygiene therapists and Hygienists.