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One of the most versatile and affordable is a set of removable dentures and may be a suitable course of treatment for many people who are prohibited by the cost of other cosmetic treatments, so the loss of teeth doesn’t have to prevent you from feeling confident about your smile.


Standard Full Dentures: Standard full dentures are dentures that comprise a full set of upper and lower teeth. This type of denture uses suction to stay in place. They are made of a pliable material which makes suction easy. However, it is for this reason that standard full dentures require routine visits to the dentist. Being pliable, the dentures are susceptible to shrinkage, thus creating an ill-fitting prosthetic that can result in the atrophy of the jawbone.

Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are dentures that replace only a limited number of teeth, not an entire set. Partial dentures are a single piece fitting that is supported by the remaining teeth and gums. They are much more secure than standard full dentures and are more comfortable.

Cosmetic Dentures: Cosmetic dentures; are made to look as natural as possible. Furthermore, some cosmetic dentures achieve a natural appearance through the use of implants. Implants are installed in the mouth so that the dentures have something to hold onto. The cosmetic denture will either rest on or snap onto the implant. What this does is allow the denture to stay in place without the chance of it moving around, which makes the denture more comfortable than a standard one.

Valplast Flexible Dentures: Valplast flexible dentures are lighter, stronger, and blend in more with the natural tissue tone than conventional acrylic or metal based dentures.

A Valplast flexible partial denture does not use metal clasps which can be very visible in the mouth. Metal clasps also focus stress on healthy teeth causing wear and damage whilst holding a conventional rigid denture in place during normal use.

Valplast dentures are held in place by tissue-coloured clasps produced as part of the denture during processing. These clasps cause no wear on existing teeth; they are more comfortable and are much less noticeable due to their translucent nature, blending with the natural tissue tone of the patient.

In normal use the Valplast material is unbreakable and every genuine Valplast denture carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

No shiny metal clasps
Positive retention
No tooth preparation required.

Valplast restorations, like your own teeth, require care and good oral hygiene.

For further information please ask your dentist.